Why We Love European Kitchens

When you enter a European kitchen, a few architectural details will inevitably catch your eye: flat surfaces, sleek handles, streamlined cabinetry, and minimal fuss.

It’s details like these that make European kitchens the design of choice for anyone who puts seamless aesthetics and efficiency first.

So what makes European kitchens stand out?

In European kitchens, every element is meticulously selected to maximise space while maintaining a sense of pure beauty.

Let’s look first at the cabinetry. Typically, European kitchen cabinet doors are smooth, full-overlay in design. This means the cabinet frame is invisible, concealed behind the overlay door. Hinges are also hidden from view on the inside of the cabinet to achieve a contemporary streamlined look. Increasingly, European kitchens feature soft-close hinges for heightened functionality. On the exterior of the cabinetry, most European kitchens will showcase sleek, understated hardware, such as simple metal designs.

Less is more

When it comes to styling, less is more. European kitchens avoid excess ornamentation such as crown moulding, carvings and raised panel door styles. Instead, smooth and relatively flat surfaces of European kitchen cabinets can make smaller kitchens seem roomier.

While achieving an ultra-sophisticated look, this all contributes to the biggest advantage of European kitchens – their superior ease of use. A European kitchen design is all about bringing the kitchen to you. There’s no opening of cupboard doors and digging around to find what you want. No awkward corner cabinets you can’t access. European kitchen designers appreciate the kitchen as a dynamic space that changes and evolves easily, according to the user’s needs.

As a result European kitchen designs incorporate the latest in hardware solutions to make workflow and everyday kitchen use easier and more comfortable. These features may include specialised drawer storage systems, pull-out plate racks, organised pantry units, and integrated appliances.

Are European kitchens devoid of personality?

But does all this streamlining mean European kitchens are devoid of personality? Quite the contrary. The best cabinet makers can capture the essential design elements of a European kitchen while encompassing unique details that reflect your taste and style. Marry this with well-designed lighting and carefully selected accessories, and you can easily achieve a kitchen that is minimalistic yet simply oozing with personality.

Tell us, which characteristics of European kitchen design do you love most?

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