Top Trends For Fully-Loaded Laundry Cabinets You’ll Love

Your laundry room is easily the hardest working room in the house. It hides away all your dirty laundry. Tackles dust and dirt. Wrestles with heat and moisture, and probably a whole lot more. Oh, and it is usually the smallest room in the house.

Laundry cabinets with a touch of style

The good news is today you can enjoy a laundry space guaranteed to withstand the toughest practical demands while also having a touch of style – that’s right, style.

Take a look at the latest trends making waves in laundry rooms:

Maximise space

By opting for a custom built laundry cabinets, you can enjoy cabinets that perfectly fit your space and maximise every last millimetre of available space. Custom built cabinets and pull-out drawers will take advantage of floor-to-ceiling wall space, letting you enjoy the essentials without taking away valuable floor space.

Concealed storage

Storage is essential in any home but can be even more crucial in a laundry room. Yet just as with your kitchen, you don’t need to put everything on show. Cleverly designed laundry cabinets can conceal the essentials and create a stylish and sleek look. Big trends right now are built-in ironing boards with racks for irons and small items.

Material world

The most innovative laundry room designs incorporate materials that are specially manufactured to withstand moisture and heat. The best thing is, you can choose from an array of textures, styles and finishes to flow on from the rest of your home.

Let there be light

Many laundry rooms don’t have windows, so good lighting is a must if you want to enjoy a bright, functional space.

Laundry chutes

Some of the best designs are also the oldest. Take the laundry chute. If you have a multi-storey home, imagine the time and energy you will save running up and down the stairs with your dirty clothes!

A personal touch

We are seeing more art and accessories enter the laundry space, but always in a way that maintains the useability.

And another thing…

Today’s laundry rooms aren’t reserved for cleaning alone. They are increasingly multi-functional spaces – a warm and cosy home for the family pet, an extra storage facility, an airing cupboard or a mudroom. That’s why people are opting for custom built laundry cabinets fit for purpose.

What do you really want from your laundry design? At Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry, we can help achieve a hard working laundry to fit your lifestyle. By the end, we’ll have you wanting to do laundry! Well, almost.

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