Raising The Bar On Home Bar Designs

These days home bar is so much more than a drinks cabinet. It is the life of the party, the perfect spot to sit back, relax and socialise with friends – not to mention enjoy a good drink.

Home bar designs with a difference

So how can home bar designs be created with a difference? Super sleek materials? Beautiful bar stools? Stunning lighting? Yes, yes and yes! But while grand statements are great, subtle statements can also make an equally lasting impression.

So if you’re thinking about a home bar, pour your favourite tipple and be inspired by our design tips:

  1. Location, location: The design of your home bar will very much depend on where it’s placed. Will it be a part of an outdoor kitchen or something reserved for the interior of your house? Will you install plumbing to make it a wet bar? Great home bar designs can add the right touch to a well-appointed entertainment area, a spacious open plan kitchen or an elegantly appointed outdoor grill and kitchen. The function of the bar remains the same, but where you want it will open a different world of design possibilities.
  2. Part of the furniture: Pay special attention to bar’s architectural form and how it works in the space. Think about using materials so it blends harmoniously into your home’s style. At Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry, we know how to integrate bar and wine cabinets as a beautiful part of your interior, incorporating bespoke styles and finishes.
  3. Accessorise: If there’s one place you can explore your creativity, it’s with your home bar design. Look for accessories and features that will add a touch of personal style – from the glasses to the handles. Remember, the smallest details go a long way.
  4. Bar stools: Don’t overlook the seating layout of your home bar designs. No matter how beautiful your bar looks, substandard bar stools can quickly detract from the effect. Invest in something that works with the overall style you desire.
  5. Under the spotlight: Stunning pendant lighting or an artistic feature light can have a real impact on your home bar design, letting you create the right ambience (as well as helping you see which drinks you’re mixing!).

Once you have all the design features in place, all that remains is to learn how to mix your favourite cocktails. Make mine a Manhattan…

For more inspiration and to discuss your home bar design, contact Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry.

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