Kitchen Designs: What’s Cooking In 2018?

People often ask us to divulge the latest design trends they should be using in their kitchen projects. Which layouts, tones, styles and fittings are making waves on the international design scene?

Here we shine a spotlight on the kitchen design trends set to sizzle this year:

Loving the timber look in your kitchen designs?

When it comes to kitchen design trends, this is the year we pay homage to nature and appreciate timber. Whether you choose timber kitchen cabinets from floor to ceiling, or simply select a few accent pieces, beautiful natural timber finishes will help you create a space that exudes warmth, texture and timeless appeal.

Give timber the light touch

Going hand-in-hand with timber love is the trend for lighter, honey-colour woods in the kitchen. Walnut, oak and cherry are brightening up our kitchens cabinets, while paler timber floors such as white oak create the perfect canvas underfoot.

Goodbye to granite…

We know it’s going to be hard to farewell an old friend, but international design leaders dictate that granite is out this year. While granite still has its place in some kitchens, many homeowners are gravitating toward engineered stone and laminate materials that are beautifully executed, affordable and durable – such as Caesarstone, essastone and Laminex.

Bejewelled kitchens

International designers such as Kelly Wearstler are leading the way in this dazzling trend which sees kitchen designs filled with elaborate custom cabinetry in rich gemstone colours. Think brass and chrome accents, unusual lighting and glamour.

Splash of colour

Be bold and add a pop of colour to your kitchen design this year. Keep it simple and only apply it to one or two features, such as your kitchen island, splashback, stools or overhead cabinets. And which colour should you choose? According to global designers, it’s turquoise all the way.

Hide and seek

As kitchens continue to be the hub of our daily lives, cleverly concealed storage is ever more essential. Kitchen manufacturers and designers are continuously pushing the boundaries on what can be hidden away out of sight – you’ll be amazed at what they can achieve!

Me, me, me

Ultimately the greatest designs – the kitchens that really turn heads and stand the test of time – come down to one thing: you. No matter what the design world dictates, you need to choose a kitchen design that will truly express your personality and lifestyle. And you’ll be amazed at the latest products and decors available that enable you to take your kitchen design in directions you never thought possible.

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