Kitchen Designers: What do they do?

Timings, floor plans, designs, materials, costings – there’s so much to consider when you’re renovating a kitchen, it makes sense to have the very best experts on hand to get the results you want. Enter the kitchen designer.

What do kitchen designers do?

Essentially a kitchen designer is a specialist in spatial planning. They will work with you to create a kitchen that is exactly what you need it to be – both in functionality and aesthetics. A kitchen designer will provide you with a kitchen layout based on a detailed understanding of your needs, combined with their expertise in cabinetry, and knowledge of what works. They will also provide recommendations regarding benchtops, door styles, finishes, textures, colours, fittings and any other requirements.

What skills do they bring to the table?

Kitchen designers have a vast knowledge about the effect of dimensions, surfaces, textures and colours in a room. A kitchen designer can create a kitchen plan that utilises your room size and investment considerations in the most efficient way possible. They will be on top of the latest kitchen design trends, appliances, materials and fittings available in the market, and will advise of systems most suited for the project and for you. They are also experienced project managers and can help you through as much or as little of the process as you need.

When should you bring in a kitchen designer?

For the best result, bring in your kitchen designer at the very beginning of your planning stage. They will give you a good idea of what it will cost to create your dream kitchen. You can also identify problems such as a badly placed doorway or window, which may compromise the look or functionality of your desired kitchen design.

Do I have to use a kitchen designer for my whole project?

No, depending on your individual needs, you can engage a kitchen designer to coordinate the entire project, or simply offer help when and if problems arise. Or you can use a kitchen company like Attard’s who has in-house designers for a complete “design and construct” package. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation project that extends beyond a basic cosmetic facelift, hiring a kitchen designer will be money well spent. Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry employs some of the most experienced and highly regarded kitchen designers in the industry. Contact us for a discussion!

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