Home Bars: Let Me Entertain You

Australians love to socialise and entertain, and our homes are proof of this. Kitchens have never been so big or grand. Outdoor areas are better equipped than ever. TV rooms are transformed into home theatres that could comfortably host a premier. And now home bars are serving up cocktails to rival the best Sydney watering holes.

Why are Home Bars “back in”?

Blame Mad Men or the resurgence of speakeasy-style interiors, if you will, but home bars are making a comeback in a huge way. And we can’t complain.

A well-designed home bar is not only an investment in your home life and entertaining, it can also add value to your home for resale. That’s why it pays to have your home bar designed and built by a skilled cabinet maker.

So what does today’s home bar look like? That entirely depends on what you want. It might find pride of place in an open plan living area, the corner of your home theatre, in the man cave, or even the outdoor kitchen. And it can be as lavish or as subtle as you desire. Full wet bars – that is, bars with built-in sinks – and bars with wine and beer refrigerators are increasingly on-trend. After all, much of the charm of a home bar is being able to entertain without a lot of fuss. Simple, practical materials, such as an easy-to-clean countertop and splashback, are a must. Clever storage is important – you want to ensure glasses and decanters are easy to access, without putting everything on display to collect dust.

Don’t let space get in the way

Don’t have the space for a comprehensive home bar? That’s not a problem because classic liquor cabinets are also making a comeback. They add a lot of fun to a space, without taking up too much valuable room.

As with the rest of your home, the best thing you can do is design a home bar that suits your needs and lifestyle first and foremost, whilst also taking into consideration size limitations or cost constraints. Start by thinking about how you want to use the space. Then speak to the design experts at Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry and we can do the rest.

And why stop at one home bar? You might choose to have a couple of bar areas in your home – perhaps a casual outdoor bar for al fresco entertaining as well as a more formal bar area indoors.

Love the idea of a home bar? Speak to Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry for ideas and advice.

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