Five Design Rules For A Luxury Kitchen

How do you achieve the ultimate luxury for your kitchen? It’s a question we are asked often at Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry, and our answer rarely changes from the following:

The perception of luxury kitchen design changes from person to person. Each client who comes to Attard’s brings their own distinctive requirements and we work to create a high-end kitchen that meets their unique desires. This is their idea of luxury; it wouldn’t necessarily work for anyone else.

Characteristics of a luxury kitchen

That said, we can identify five characteristics of luxury kitchens that will help achieve the space you truly desire:

1. Flexibility and choice

Today’s luxury kitchens are not constrained by limitations in designs and creative possibilities. When it comes to designing your kitchen, you can pick from a vast array of products, finishes, colours, textures and even customised designs. And we’re not just referring to the cabinetry – though of course there is a world of possibilities – we’re also talking about appliances. Manufacturers today boast more sizes and design flexibility than ever.

2. Love to live

Luxury kitchens epitomise the key trend that has been leading kitchen design for years now. Everything about a luxury kitchen is selected to make it a space we want to live in, spend time in and welcome others into. Far from being the utilitarian room of bygone years, it is a space for the everyday.

3. WOW factor

Luxury kitchens always have a ‘wow’ factor. It might be one stand-out feature – an oversized high-end island bench or a complete wall of in-built ovens and appliances – or the complete effect of all the beautiful design elements talking to each other. Whatever it is, it will take your guests’ breath away when they walk in, and have them talking about it long after they leave.

4. Uniquely you

Luxury kitchens are always highly customised to meet the needs and tastes of the owner. At the core of the kitchen, this includes custom made cabinetry handcrafted by a cabinet maker, and extends to customisation of appliances and fittings.

5. Seeing double

Why have one sink when you can have two? One of the hottest design trends for luxury kitchens is to have at least two of everything. This is especially common for homes that see a lot of entertaining. Double dishwashers, ovens, sinks, pantries – some are even opting for double kitchens! One showcase kitchens the guests can enjoy, and another “behind the scenes” kitchen where the more professional cooking happens.

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