Five Design Rules For A Luxury Kitchen

How do you achieve the ultimate luxury for your kitchen? It’s a question we are asked often at Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry, and our answer rarely changes from the following: The perception of luxury kitchen design changes from person to person. Each client who comes to Attard’s brings their own distinctive requirements and we work

A Question Of Quality: How Do You Know Your Kitchen Is Built To Last?

It’s the biggest challenge facing consumers today. How do you know you’re choosing quality? This applies when you purchase anything – from a mobile phone to your weekly fruit and veg, and of course to larger, more expensive purchases such as your new kitchen. But with kitchens this question of quality carries more weight. A

Six Essential Ingredients For Contemporary Kitchens

When you’re planning a kitchen, there are so many styles to choose from, how do you know what you decide on won’t date too quickly? That’s the beauty of a contemporary kitchen design; it brings together all the essential elements for a space that will provide practical style value year after year. The thinking behind

Modern Marvels: Three Modern Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

Superior efficiency, convenience and effortless style are the trademarks of a modern kitchen. But for many, it’s difficult to envisage how this looks and works in reality. Seeking inspiration for your modern kitchen design? We’ve put together a selection of our very best modern kitchen designs to help. Here are three modern kitchens you’ll love…

Behind The Scenes Of An Award Winning Kitchen Manufacturer

Creating a kitchen is much more than the simple provision of cabinetry and appliances. The difference is in the detail – something that only the right kitchen manufacturer can see. However effortlessly beautiful a kitchen seems on the surface, it’s what is underneath that counts. Mistakes and poor DIY workmanship can not only spoil the

Top Trends For Fully-Loaded Laundry Cabinets You’ll Love

Your laundry room is easily the hardest working room in the house. It hides away all your dirty laundry. Tackles dust and dirt. Wrestles with heat and moisture, and probably a whole lot more. Oh, and it is usually the smallest room in the house. Laundry cabinets with a touch of style The good news

Raising The Bar On Home Bar Designs

These days home bar is so much more than a drinks cabinet. It is the life of the party, the perfect spot to sit back, relax and socialise with friends – not to mention enjoy a good drink. Home bar designs with a difference So how can home bar designs be created with a difference?

Home Bars: Let Me Entertain You

Australians love to socialise and entertain, and our homes are proof of this. Kitchens have never been so big or grand. Outdoor areas are better equipped than ever. TV rooms are transformed into home theatres that could comfortably host a premier. And now home bars are serving up cocktails to rival the best Sydney watering

Custom Made Kitchens: Making Your Kitchen Work For You

Individualism is one of the biggest design trends defining Australian kitchens today. While we obviously want longevity, quality and good value for money in our kitchen designs, we are also on a quest for personalisation, individuality and fun. It’s no wonder, then, that custom made kitchens are on the rise. A custom made kitchen alone

Flex Your Creative Freedom: Custom Made Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the most powerful statement in your kitchen. It’s no wonder, then, that custom made cabinets are the number one choice for homeowners looking for full creative freedom in their kitchen design. If you are a homeowner with an unusual kitchen space or distinctive design style, custom made cabinets may be just